Inviting the bot

Inviting the bot is pretty straightforward, just click this link, select a server and click Continue to add the bot to that server.

You are able to invite Spoticord to any server that you own, or servers where have the Manage Server permission assigned to you or one of your roles.

Once you have added the bot to one or multiple servers (depending on what you like) you are ready to link your Spotify account.

Inviting the bot to a Discord server
Spotify app permission grant

Linking your account

First of all you need to have access to a Spotify Premium account. Without one you cannot use this service. To link your account, type "/link" in any text channel that the bot can read. Make sure you have enabled "Allow direct messages from server members". Without that the bot cannot send you the invite link.

If everything works, you should now get a DM from the bot with a message that is asking you to click a link. Make sure this link points to<random id>, if it does not then you might be clicking a phishing link!

If you are not logged into your Spotify account on the browser, Spotify will ask you to login first. Once you are logged in Spotify will ask you to allow the bot to take certain actions on your Spotify account. When authorizing your Spotify account with Spoticord you may notice that Spoticord is able to read your email address. This scope is only required, because without it the bot won't function. We will never store or get to see your email address. If you do not agree, just click Cancel.

Once agreed Spoticord will inform you that your account has been successfully linked.

Using the bot

Join a voice channel in a server that the bot can access. Then in any text channel type "/join" to make the bot join the call. If someone else is already using the bot in another voice channel this command will fail.

Once the bot has entered the voice channel your Spotify will show a new device called "Spoticord". Switching to this device will cause the bot to activate. From now on every song you play on your Spotify will be played on the bot.

You are now considered the host of the bot. The host has full control over the bot. If you switch your Spotify to the Spoticord device while someone else is the host, your Spotify will mimic what the host is currently listening to (just like Discord's listen along, but a tad different).

If you want to stop playing music on the bot just go to your Spotify and switch back to "This computer" or "This phone". The bot will automatically stop playing and now other people can take over the host role.

If you want to manually disconnect the bot you can do this by using the "/leave" command. Note that this command only works if you are the host, or if nobody is the host.

Spoticord device visible in Spotify

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