This command will make the bot send a little help message. That's it. It does nothing else.


Requires: Linked Spotify account.

This commands requests that the bot joins the voice channel that the executing user is in.
This will fail if someone else is already using the bot.


Requires: The bot is not being used, or you as the host.

This commands makes the bot leave the current voice call if requirements are met.


This command will display the current playing song and who the host is.
If the host is a donator then this command will display an additional star next to the title and username.


Requires: A Spotify Premium account.

This command allows you to link your Spotify account with Spoticord.


Requires: Linked Spotify account.

Unlinks your Spotify account from Spoticord. Note that this will not delete any preferences or donator status.


This command will automatically force your Spotify to switch to the Spoticord device.


Displays the current version of Spoticord, including build number.

/rename <name>

Requires: ⭐ donator

Change the name of the Spoticord device name in your Spotify.


Requires: ⭐ donator

Makes the bot stay in the call indefinitely. You will also indefinitely keep the host role if only you and the bot are in a call.