Control your music in Discord using Spotify

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What is Spoticord?

Spoticord is a music bot designed to work using your Spotify player, instead of all those annoying commands like `play`, `skip` and `pause` to control a music bot.

Just join a voice channel with the bot, go to your Spotify player on either your PC or your phone, and just switch to Spoticord. The bot will now play every song that you play on Spotify, while also responding to pause, resume, and seeking through a song.

Users who join the Spotify party after you have started one will have their Spotify mimic what yours is doing, so that these users can see what kind of tunes you are playing.

Spoticord device visible in Spotify
Discord chat with bot messages

How does it work?

First of all you need to have a Discord server with the bot in it. You can do this by inviting the bot to one of your servers.

To continue, join a voice channel and in chat type "/join". The bot will now join unless you do not have your Spotify account linked. If that's the case then you can just simply follow the instructions to link your Spotify.

From now on if you enter a voice channel with the bot your Spotify will automatically show "Spoticord" as a Spotify Connect device. Just switch to it and let the bot do the rest!

In the case that Spotify does not automatically show the device, type "/join" again in chat to force the bot to make itself known to Spotify.

A more detailed explaination can be found inside the Documentation.

And it's all free!

This bot is entirely free for everyone without having any limited core features!

However hosting this bot is not, so please consider helping the bot stay alive by donating. It would really mean the world to me!
As a thank you I will gift you access to a few extra commands to flex on your friends with 🙃

If you encounter any issues, have feedback or just want to share some ideas, then please feel free to join the Spoticord Music Discord Server.